The Importance of Having Routines

One thing that has really helped keep me sane is having routines. As a nurse, it was hard to feel grounded at all, so I started to add a morning and evening routine to my days, whether I was working or not. 

These routines developed over time. I would start, stop, and change activities depending what worked for me. While I would change the activities, I always followed this general template for my morning routine: 

  1. Prepare for the day the night before
  2. Drink a whole glass of water 
  3. Avoid social media first thing
  4. Create a sacred and relaxing feel 
  5. Journaling, planning, and reflecting 
  6. Movement
  7. Learn something
  8. Eat something
  9. Take care of your body 

These different guidelines can be anything for anyone! 

For my evening routine, I follow the following template: 

  1. Prep for the next day
  2. Reflect 
  3. Unwind 

Evening routines tend to be simpler, but you can have multiple different ideas in each section like I do. 

See my routines for some more inspiration! 

My Morning Routine 

Using the template above, here is my personal morning routine. It’s not in the same order and it doesn’t have to be! Find what works for you. 

  1. I wake up and stretch in bed with my peppermint scent diffuser on and listen to my recordered affirmations and drink my full glass of water. 
  2. I meditate, while still in bed, using my Headspace app. 
  3. Then I get up, brush my teeth, wash my face, and check my weight. 
  4. Then I go downstairs and make myself a cup of coffee while listening to more affirmations 
  5. With my cup of coffee, I go upstairs and start journaling and planning my day 
  6. After my journaling, I start doing my “learning” by listening to podcasts about history and the word of the day and playing brain games on my phone including Lumostiy, Duolingo, and the New York Times crossword 
  7. Once I’m done with that and my coffee, I go take a nice hot shower and get ready for the day, followed by my breakfast!

My Evening Routine 

Using the evening template, here is my evening routine: 

  1. Prepare my lunch, breakfast, and clothes for the next day- work and workout clothes 
  2. Journaling and habit tracking while listening to personal development podcasts or soft music
  3. Take a hot bath. I read a personal development or yoga philosophy book while in the bath as well 
  4. Do nothing for 5 minutes. This can be integrated into any time of the day but I like doing it after I get out of the bath, put on my warm pajamas, and sit in child’s pose in silence for 5 minutes. 
  5. Read. I am a book fanatic and usually read for at least an hour but even 10 minutes helps you to relax and start to fall asleep. 

Try these and anything else you want to add or get rid of next time and see how much more grounded you feel after a long shift. 

Alison, NP

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